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SAFEJAWZ Performance Face Mask. Anti-Microbial, Washable, 2-Layer Face Mask.

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 Fresher for longer – SILVERPLUS® lining inhibits growth of odour causing bacteria. 

 Self-Sanitising – SILVERPLUS® additive reduces the ability of many harmful viruses and bacteria to settle and grow.  

 Breathable and quick drying. 

 3D design is comfortable and easy fitting, reducing pressure on the nose and mouth. 

 High coverage – Our face coverings cover more area than most, providing maximum facial coverage. 


If there’s one thing we didn’t expect to have to add into our kit bags this season it was a face mask, but here we are, and if you have to wear one it might as well look good! 

 The SAFEJAWZ Performance Face Covering is an antimicrobial, 2-layer, washable and reusable face covering that fits the governments regulations for wearing mandatory face coverings inside shops and public transport. 

The innovative SILVERPLUS® lining has 2 important functions; firstly, it creates a surface where harmful bacteria and viruses struggle to settle and multiply, making it far more hygienic than other masks. Secondly, it inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria, leaving the face covering smelling fresher for longer. 

The Sports polyester construction is breathable and fast drying, making it perfect for wearing during close contact sports. The ergonomic, contoured fit reduces pressure on the nose and mouth making it comfortable to wear, whilst the large face coverage reduces the possibility of your nose of mouth being exposed during activity. 

The SAFEJAWZ face covering comes in a choice of great designs and 2 sizes, ensuring everyone can find the mask for them.