Are Custom Fit Mouthguards Worth the Money?

When looking to buy a Gum Shield, you now have a wide range of choice, with designed Mouthguards, flavoured Mouthguards, and all sorts of other gum shield options. However, the main choice you have to make is will you get an off the shelf, boil and bite mouthguard, or a custom fit mouthguard made specifically to your teeth?

At SAFEJAWZ we sell both self fit Mouthguards and custom dental Mouthguards so we've no bias in the debate. Boil and bite Mouthguards have got much better over the last 10 years and good ones, such as our Intro, Extro and Ortho ranges, are suitable for all sports including Rugby, MMA, Boxing and Hockey, and starting at around £5 they are a low cost option.

Custom fit Mouthguards however start at around £45, and if you go to a dentist can be closer to £200! Custom Mouthguards aren't suitable if you need a gum shield right away as the process starts with taking a dental impression of your teeth, before a mouthguard is specifically made to your teeth in a lab. This can take a couple of weeks, but it does mean you are more likely to get a great fit, especially with SAFEJAWZ, as we have a PerfectFit guarantee!

Custom made Mouthguards have other benefits as well; they are generally more durable and so will last longer that a self fit mouthguard, they can also be personally customised to make it truly unique to you.

All in all, custom Mouthguards are the gold standard of sports Mouthguards for children and for adults, they will offer the best protection, longevity and customisation. However they may not be for everyone and you will find plenty of great off the shelf Mouthguards out there.

If you think a self-fit mouthguard is for you, check out our range here.

Or check out our famous Custom Series range here.

Ewan - Co-Founder @ SAFEJAWZ