About us

For a long time the World of sports protection had laid stagnant, lacking imagination and personality, then, in 2014, SAFEJAWZ was born. Athletes have been craving a Mouthguard that allows them to express their inner self, now SAFEJAWZ Mouthguards provide just that. 

Whether in Rugby, MMA, Hockey, Boxing or any other sport, confidence is key.

When you are confident in your equipment, and you are able to express yourself however you choose, half the battle is already won.

Since launching, SAFEJAWZ has protected thousands of athletes around the World, from grassroots level up to World Champions with gum shields that deliver on all fronts. Whether you are looking for a plain, reliable mouthguard, something fun but ready to go, or a bespoke, custom-made mouthguard handmade just for you, we have you covered.

Our custom-fit (Custom Series) mouthguards are all handmade in a highly accredited dental laboratory and have been worn by the likes of:

  • England Rugby star James Haskell

  • UFC phenom Gunnar Nelson

  • World Champion Boxer George Groves.

  • ...and many more


Typically, mouth guards are a nuisance to sports people. However, because our mouth guards are so innovative both aesthetically and practically, SAFEJAWZ have created a product that athletes of all levels WANT to wear as opposed to have to because the rule book says so. Our catalogue features a perfect balance of style and optimised protection, so our guards are quite simply hard to refuse.

SAFEJAWZ make both custom-fit and self-fit (boil and bite) mouthguards including mouthguards for braces - we have a guard for everyone. Take a look at what we offer here.

SAFEJAWZ is a fast growing brand that was developed from the ground up by founders George and Ewan. From rolling our first filing cabinet on a skateboard through Moss Side, to being one of the most exciting brands in sports protection. Read more about their start-up journey...

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