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Self-fit mouthguards (otherwise known as Boil & Bite gum shields) are pre-formed mouthguards that are heated using hot water which then become soft so that you can fit them around your teeth.

Because you can fit these gum shields yourself, they are often cheaper than a custom-fit mouthguard. SAFEJAWZ Self-fit guards start at £6.49.

You can browse our full range here.

SAFEJAWZ have multiple ranges of self-fit mouthguards.

All of which feature our 3 core features that separate us from other gum shields on the market

Fluid Fit™ Technology means that SAFEJAWZ® guards feature a super-slim profile and great retentive qualities. The guard will essentially clip onto the teeth & fit comfortably so that breathing, talking and drinking will not be a problem.

Jaw Secure™ also offers protection to the jaw and lower teeth. The pre-occluded base and raised impact pads on the bottom of the product act as a buffer to prevent damage from impact to the lower jaw.

There’s no struggling to get a perfect fit with SAFEJAWZ®. 

Remodel Tech™ ensures you can have multiple attempts to achieve the game-changing fit that we are so proud of.

Using hot water, our self-fit mouthguards (thanks to their Fluid Fit technology) become pliable enough so that you can fit them to your teeth. All our mouthguards come with easy-to-follow instructions and we also have a video guide which you can view here.

Whilst self-fit mouthguards are fitted by the wearer at home (using hot water), Custom-fit mouthguards are handmade by a qualified dental technician. To make a Custom-fit gum shield, the technician needs an impression of the wearer's teeth. Self-fit mouthguards can simply be bought off-the-shelf and fitted quickly using hot water.

Our self-fit guards start at £6.49 and our Custom Series guards start at £49.99. If the budget doesn't allow for a custom-fit mouthguard, SAFEJAWZ self-fit mouthguards still offer innovative technology to ensure you'll be well looked after in your sport.

Custom-fit mouthguards typically fit the athlete better due to the fact that they are carefully made by hand to the individual's mouth. A better fitting gum shield means it will likely offer more protection and will be more comfortable to wear.

SAFEJAWZ do this using a home-impression kit and the whole process is done via the post. This can save up to 70% off dentists' fees.

Our self-fit mouthguards are available in both Adult and Junior.

Junior guards are suitable for children aged up to 11 years old.

Adult guards are suitable for anybody aged 12 years upwards.

Our Ortho Series range (for brace wearers only) come as 'One Size Fits All'.

Because our Custom-fit gum shields are handmade to the individual's mouth, we do not offer different sizes. They are tailored to the individual.

SAFEJAWZ has a range of mouthguards for brace wearers. This is our Ortho Series Range

These are the only products in our catalogues that are suitable for brace wearers.

We speak very highly of our mouthguards and as a company founded by athletes, we appreciate and expect good quality in such an important piece of kit.

That's why we offer a PERFECT-FIT GUARANTEE for all of our products.

If you're not happy with your fit,  get in touch and ask about our perfect fit guarantee. We'll resolve the problem, send you a replacement, or give you your money back. EASY.