Gum Shields for Rugby: Everything you need to know.


The Importance of Gum Shields in Rugby

Rugby is a physically demanding sport, with players constantly exposed to the risk of dental injuries, jaw fractures, and even concussions. A gum shield acts as a formidable barrier, absorbing and dispersing the impact of collisions and minimizing the potential damage. By wearing a well-fitted gum shield, you're not only protecting your teeth but also safeguarding your overall oral health and reducing the likelihood of more severe injuries.


These days, many countries and international rugby tournaments have made it mandatory to wear mouthguards. And it's not just for the pros! Even youth and amateur players are encouraged to rock them during both training and matches. World Rugby also strongly recommends the use of mouthguards for all players. Safety first! 


Types of Gum Shields

When it comes to types of mouthguards, there are a couple of options. The classic "boil and bite" mouthguard takes the crown. You heat it up, shape it to fit your pearly whites by biting down, and voila! It's good to go. These are super popular in rugby. Click here to have a look at our self-fit collections. 


For different functions and purposes, Safejawz offers various product series such as dual-layer mouthguards and mouthguards for braces, which you can find on our Extro series and Ortho series pages.


Dual-layer (Extro) mouthguards feature a soft inner layer that provides cushioning and ultimate comfort, along with a durable outer layer for enhanced impact resistance. They are our best-selling mouthguards, popular for their great designs and market-leading fit and comfort. The Ortho series brace mouthguards are our new range of self-fit mouthguards made specifically for people with fixed upper and lower braces. By shielding both your teeth and braces, these mouthguards minimize the risk of dental damage, giving you peace of mind while you're out there dominating the field or court. 


If you're looking for superior protection and premium quality, check out our Nitro series here. Popular for its innovative SHOCKCAGE, the Nitro range is THE best mouthguard for Rugby, MMA and all other contact sports.

Fitting and Proper Maintenance

To ensure maximum effectiveness, a gum shield must fit snugly and comfortably. For boil-and-bite mouthguards, following the manufacturer's instructions carefully is crucial to achieving an optimal fit. Custom-fitted gum shields, on the other hand, require a visit to a dental professional who will take impressions of your teeth to create a personalized mouthguard.


Regardless of the type, proper maintenance is essential. Rinse the mouthguard with cold water after each use or simply spray our SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard disinfectant which kills 99% bacteria. Also, avoid chewing on the mouthguard, and store it in a protective case to prevent damage and maintain hygiene.