Rugby Mouthguard Awareness Campaign kicked off by SAFEJAWZ.


Believed to have originated in 1823, rugby has always been and continues to be a brutal sport but despite many safety measures coming in to play throughout the years, dental injuries are still at the forefront of the game.

Understanding the importance of dental safety, the RFU state that mouthguards are a compulsory piece of equipment for all participants above school level including County, Division and England Representative Squads, however there are still a number of competitors who are unaware of the significance of mouthguards.

Recent studies have shown that 13-39% of all dental injuries are sports related and 25% of children in the UK will injure or lose a tooth while playing sports, underlining the value of wearing mouthguards during sporting activities.

Rugby is ever growing in popularity; the Rugby Seven's took the world by storm in this year's Rio Olympics and the excitement is building for the upcoming Autumn Internationals as England look to continue their unbeaten record under the watchful eye of Eddie Jones. Rugby continues to captivate large audiences and there are more people now more than ever taking part in the sport.

Here at SAFEJAWZ, we pride ourselves on providing safety with style and are pleased to announce that we have initiated a campaign in order to raise awareness of the importance of mouthguards within the rugby community.

Joining forces with rugby clubs across the country, we are pleased to offer cash back offers across our entire range of custom-fit mouthguards and are offering team fittings to ensure each and every member of your squad receives the highest quality protection from your very own SAFEJAWZ mouthguard.

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If you are part of a Rugby Team and would like to speak to us about our services, or for a free “Mouthguard Awareness” poster, please email


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