SAFEJAWZ Renew Partnership with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation.

Since SAFEJAWZ was originally founded by two students obsessed with combat sports and the sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) specifically, we have always tried to have as much involvement and impact on the growth of the game as possible.

The very first sponsorship's we activated were local MMA fighters who we supported by covering their medical fees required for SAFE MMA. As our relationship with SAFE MMA progressed, and with the birth of IMMAF, we knew we had to take our support of MMA onto the world stage and join in the incredible journey that IMMAF was on.

Our main priority at SAFEJAWZ is athlete safety, and whilst we were working on improving this through innovations in sports gum shields, IMMAF are tackling this same concern on a more macro level by establishing a credible and legitimate platform for amateur MMA.

We are proud to announce that we have signed an exclusive 3 year renewal deal with IMMAF and all SAFEJAWZ mouthguards are now manufactured under licence to IMMAF and we are VERY proud of the fact that we have partnered with such an exciting organisation that is making history every day.

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