Spreading the Passion for Sports Protection at the Dental Trauma UK Annual Conference

Safejawz co-founder Ewan Jones reflects on his presentation at the Dental Trauma UK Annual Conference:
"As you might imagine, I have somewhat of a passion for sports protection. It is no coincidence that I have formed my business around improving sports protection standards and encouraging athletes to wear the correct safety equipment. Which is why I was over the moon to be asked to speak at the Dental Trauma UK annual conference at the British Library this past weekend.The key aim of the conference was for the dental professional delegates to share ways to treat dental trauma effectively. In that sense my talk had a different angle; rather than "how do we react to dental trauma", "how do we prevent dental trauma".  I focussed on the need for us to think outside of the box when it comes to increasing mouthguard usage to try to move them from something people have to wear, to something they want to wear. Whether this is through offering fantastic designed mouthguards or just recognising the specific needs for different sports.
It was a fantastic event, with some fascinating insights and all credit goes to the Dental Trauma UK team who continue to do fantastic things for improving dental trauma care."